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Terms and Conditions 

D’Music Subscription Terms & Conditions


D’Music is a digital streaming music service that features a catalogue of over 40 million songs that you may stream, listen or download.

1.    What is D’Music?


D’Music is available as a mobile App on Android and iOS devices through their respective app store or the web platform


2.    What is the D’Music Plan?

The D’Music plans allow prepaid and postpaid customers to gain access to an array of music content available on the D’Music mobile app.

3.    What is the D’Music free trial offer?

D’Music offers a 7 day or 30 day Free Trial plan to first time d’Music plan users

After the trail period is completed, the plan will auto-renew once the account has sufficient credit and subscribers will be charged the fee for the 30-day ($15) or 7-day ($4.50)


4.    Who can activate D’Music Plans?

All Digicel GSM prepaid and postpaid customers are able to activate a D’Music Plan.

5.    How can customers activate a D’Music Plan?

·         Postpaid and Prepaid customers can activate the D’Music plans, MyDigicel App or the D’Music App, and using*140# Service Menu for Prepaid

·         After accessing the MyDigicel App they may select ‘Menu’ then ‘Plans’ to view available D’Music plans.

·         Customers are required to subscribe to a D’Music plan before being able to access the D’Music App.

·         Once they log in to the D’Music app without an active D’Music plan a prompt will be on screen to advise there is no active plan and at that point the available D’Music plans will display.


6.    How does D’Music work?

With a D’Music plan, customers are able stream content in the D’Music app by activating one of the available D’Music plan.

7.    What are the D’Music plans that are available?

Table showing Postpaid and Prepaid D’Music Plans.


Plan Name

Validity ( Day)


Data Allotment

Cost (ECD)


D ‘Music 30 Day Postpaid


Offers premium access





Plan Name

Validity ( Day)


Data Allotment

Cost (ECD)

D’Music 30day Postpaid Add-On



Offers premium access






·         Add-on applicable for customers on the Freedom More Post-paid plan


Plan Name

Duration (day)



1 Day d'Music Premium Pass



100 MB



7 Day d'Music Premium Pass




500 MB




30 Day d'Music Premium Pass




2 GB




Plan Name

Validity ( Day)

Data Allotment

Cost (ECD)

D Music 7 day Add-On


500 MB


D Music 30 day Add-On




·         Only customers on an existing 7 or 30 day bundle plan can activate an Add-on

8.    Will the D’Music plans prorate?

No. The price and the bundle of the D’Music plan will take effect from date of activation for full plan validity.


9.    What does D’Music Lite plans allow access to?

Customers will be able to create five playlist of their choice and given the option to change it every 7 days. They will also have access to the Top 40 music list in the D’Music App.


10.  Do customers get bundles with the activation of a D’Music Plan?

Yes. There are bundle plans and access only plans.


11.  How do customers check their available balance for the D’Music streaming bundle?

·         They may check their D’Music balance by using either the MyDigicel App, the UMM Menu (*140#)

·         D’Music streaming balance will be displayed in data.


12.  What happens to the Prepaid D’Music Lite access when the 7 or 30 Day data plan expires?

·         The D’Music access will stop along with any other unused data associated with that data plan.

13.  How will customers know that their Prepaid D’Music bundle allotment has been exhausted?

Customers will receive the following text message once they have exhausted the allotted D’Music bundles:

“You have fully used your D’Music minutes. Standard data charges will now apply for streaming music from D’Music”.


14.  What happens when the Prepaid D’Music bundle is exhausted?

Once D’Music bundles have been exhausted, the use of the service will attract regular data charges.

If the customer has data balance remaining on their data plan, D’Music usage will be deducted from same, once these bundles have been exhausted then the customer will receive the PAYGO popup message.

15.  Will customers unused D’Music streaming bundles rollover when they renew, purchase additional data or activate a new Prepaid data plan?

No. Rollover is not allowed.


16.  What type of music can customers access on the app?

The app provides access to a large catalogue of music from all genres. Over 40 million tracks.

17.  Are customers able to download tracks/music using this App?

Yes. The service allows downloading of music content.

18.  Do customers need a Prepaid data plan to stream on D’Music?

A data plan is only required when there is an Access only plan active.  If the customer doesn’t wish to activate a data plan, they should proceed to activating an access + data bundle D’Music plan.

19.  Can I use D’Music via Wi-Fi?

Yes. The service is accessible over Wi-Fi once you have a D’Music plan active. You can also utilize the OFFLINE feature that allows you to listen to songs you have downloaded without needing any internet connection.

20.  Will the use of the service over Wi-Fi deplete the D’Music bundle?

No. the use of the service over Wi-Fi will not deplete the D’Music streaming bundle allotment.


21.  Will customers’ Prepaid D’Music plan auto renew?

Yes. The plans will auto-renew once there is sufficient funds available. A confirmation message will be received once d’ Music plan is successfully renewed.

22.  Can customers do an early renewal or repurchase their prepaid D’Music plan before it expires?

Yes. Prepaid D’Music plans can be renewed early or repurchased anytime customers choose.


23.  Will customers be able to cancel renewal of the D’Music plan?

Yes. Customers may cancel auto renewal via the MyDigicel app or via the UMM Menu (*140#).