FAQ: Cards Scratch

Scratch and Win Cards

How do a customer qualify to receive a virtual scratch card?

·         All qualifying customers MUST have a smartphone device. The virtual scratch interface will not work on a device that is not a smartphone.


·         Prepaid customers MUST do a recharge of $25ecd or more via reseller or MyDigicel app.


·         Postpaid customers who have kept their subscriptions up-to-date will be automatically entered.



When will qualifying customers receive a scratch card?

·         Every Saturday morning, qualifiers will receive a virtual Scratch Card via SMS with a link. The customer will click on the link and virtually scratch to reveal the prize they won.



What are the prizes being offered?

The following prizes would be up for grabs:

o   $50 CASH

o   $100 CASH

o   Free 1 Month FREE service

o   KFC Meal Voucher

Prizes will be reviewed on a weekly basis. Grand Prize will include (5) $1,000 CASH, ( 1 ) 40’ TV, ( 1) Laptop.



How are the winning customers chosen?

Winning customers will be chosen at random every Saturday morning using a random selector. A listing of winning customers will be sent to the appropriate persons. Ideally, the customers should be reaching out on Saturday or any day thereafter to claim their winnings. It is encouraged that we contact the customer to redeem.



How do I validate that the correct customer is redeeming the prize?

You will refer to the list that will be sent on Saturday morning. The list will provide the MSISDN and the prize. Ensure that the mobile phone with the number should be presented as proof on winning. Verification of the customer’s name which is connected to the winning number should also be performed by the in-store agent.



Will the prizes be the same each week?

The prizes may change from week to week, ensure you verify with the winners listing sent.



When will this promotion end?

                Advanced communication of this will be provided.


Please ensure a photo of the winner is taken as this will be used for further promoting.