Football Fantasy

These are the rules for the Football Fantasy.


1. Create a team

Select 15 players of which:

  –   2 goalkeepers

  –   5 defenders

  –   5 midfielders

  –   3 forwards



  –   Stay within the budget of 100 million

  –   Maximum 3 players per club


2. Formation

Every gameweek you field 11 players by the deadline. These 11 players will earn points for your team.

The formation of your team will automatically change, depending on the players you pick for your starting lineup.

Valid team formations: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-3-2 and 5-4-1.


3. Points system



Up to 60 minutes played*


60 minutes played or more*


Goal goalkeeper


Goal defender


Goal midfielder


Goal forward




Clean sheet goalkeeper


Clean sheet defender


Clean sheet midfielder


Ever 3 shot saves by goalkeeper


Penalty save


Penalty miss


For every 2 goals against by a goalkeeper


For every 2 goals against by a defender


Yellow card


Red card


Own goal


** stoppage time doesn’t count**


3.2 Clean sheet

A clean sheet bonus is awarded if a player did not concede an opponent's goal while on the field. He must have played at least 60 minutes (excluding stoppage time).


3.3 Red card

If a player is shown a red card, all subsequent goals scored against his team will also be attributed to that player. Minus points for a red card contain the minus points for the yellow card(s).


3.4 Assists

Assists are awarded based on the judgement by the PL officials.


3.5 Captain and vice-captain

You can appoint one of your 11 players as captain on each day of play. This player doubles his point total, even if he has a negative point total.

If your captain didn’t play minutes during a match day, your vice-captain gets the bonus. If neither player plays, the bonus is forfeited.


3.6 Provisional gameweek points

After each gameweek, the points are checked for errors. On the Points page, we display the status of the game day points: confirmed or not confirmed.


3.7 Postponed match

A postponed match will be added to the closest gameweek when a new date is set.


4. Auto subs

If one or more of your starting players didn’t play, they will be automatically substituted based on the bench priority you set (GK - 1 - 2 - 3). The automatic substitutions will be carried out at the end of the gameweek as follows:

  –   A goalkeeper can only be replaced by another goalkeeper

  –   An outfield player who did not play will be replaced by the highest priority outfield substitute

  –   The valid formation rule cannot be broken

  –   Invalid teams can be removed from the ranking


5. Boosters

You have 4 boosters or chips at your disposal. They give you specific advantages and you can only use them once during the season, and one per gameweek.

  –   Bench boost: Your benchwarmers will also score on this matchday.

  –   Triple captain: Your captain triples his points on this day.

  –   Freehit: On this game day, you can completely remake your team. After the day has ended, you will play with the same players as before the day in question

  –   Wildcard: You can transfer unlimited numbers of players on this day. After the end of the game, your transfers remain intact.


6. Transfers

Each team has 1 free transfer per gameweek. You will lose 4 points per additional transfer.

You can save up 1 free transfer. This means that you’ll be able to do 2 free transfers when you didn’t do any in the previous gameweek. Example: when you have 2 free transfers and you only use one, you’ll have only one free transfer the next gameweek (and not 2).

The player values will fluctuate during the season, based on how many times a player is transferred IN or OUT by other fantasy managers.


7. Rankings

  –   General

  –   Monthly

  –   Weekly


8. Prizes

  –   General:

         –   The Premier League:

               –   Top player of the season $1000USD cash

         –   The UEFA Champions League:  Top three players of the season.

               –   First Place: $2500USD Cash

               –   Second Place: $1500USD cash

               –   Third Place:$1000USD cash

  –   Monthly:

         –   The Premier League: Top three players monthly

               –   First Place: $500USD cash

               –   Second Place: $250USD cash

               –   Third Place:$150USD cash


9. General

SportsMax Fantasy has the right to refuse users and/or teams when they do not comply with the rules of the game or when they go against the spirit of the game. In case of abuse, deception or fraud (participations by means of a script, fictitious persons, fictitious e-mail addresses, exploiting a bug, etc.) SportsMax Fantasy can remove a user and/or his teams and deny him the right to prizes.