Useful Prepaid codes

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Useful Prepaid Codes

- For a comprehensive menu with our most frequently used services, simply dial *100#


ACTIVATE DATA PLANS – To purchase a data plan or an add-on, simply dial *136# and select from the available options.


BALANCE ENQUIRY MENU – Conveniently check all of your Digicel account balances in one place by using the Balance Enquiry Menu. Simply dial *120#


TOP UP – To add credit to your account dial *121*voucher number# and press “SEND”.


DATA BALANCE – To check your remaining data balance, dial *123#




CALL ME – Request a call from a friend by dialing *126*592digicel number# and press “SEND”. Your account balance must have less than


CREDIT ME – To request credit from a friend, dial *127*592digicel number*amt# and press “SEND”. Account balance must have less than $7.


CREDIT U – To send credit to a friend, dial *128*592digicel number*amount# and press “SEND”. You will be charged $8 per transaction.


TOP-U-UP – Add credit from a voucher card to a friend's number, dial *125*592digicelnumber*voucher number# and press “SEND”.


VOICEMAIL – To check your voicemail, call 123.


WHAT’S MY NUMBER – To find out what your Digicel mobile number is, dial *129#


CREDIT ADVANCE - To request a credit advance dial *141# and select from the available options.


OUTSTANDING CREDIT ADVANCE - To check outstanding Credit Advance balance dial *120*141#


ROAMING PLAN - To activate a roaming plan dial *130# and select from the available options


DIGICEL CALL UNBLOCKING ID SERVICE - To activate service dial *138#


GIFT A PLAN - To purchase a data plan for a friend or loved one dial *100#

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Useful Prepaid Codes