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Digi Loan

1. How does the DigiLoan service work?

As a Prepaid customer, DigiLoan allows you to access credit loan amounts from as low as J$10 to a maximum of J$5,000 for a loan fee of 10% of the amount borrowed.

To request a DIGILOAN amount, simply dial *147*119#, SEND.

2. How do I qualify for the DigiLoan service?

To qualify for DigiLoan, you must be an active Prepaid customer who has topped up in the past 30 days and have been with Digicel for at least one (1) month.  You may borrow multiple loans, however, all outstanding balances must be cleared within 30 days.

To check if you are eligible for the DigiLoan service, please dial *147*119#, then SEND.

3. How do I repay my DigiLoan?

Repayment will be made on at your next top up or Credit U transfer.

4. How can I sign up for or request a DigiLoan?

Please dial *147*119# SEND.

5. How do I check my DigiLoan balance?

Please visit a.mydigicel.net or dial *147*119#, SEND, then select the option, “Get Loan Balance” from the DigiLoan menu.

You can also use the *120*190# code to access your DigiLoan balance.

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