Mega Value Family Plan FAQs


The Mega Value Family Plan or Tween offer (Postpaid)

This offer is designed for juniors who are about to own their first phone. It provides a junior plan that will be covered by the parent/s by adding it to their existing postpaid account.


What else is included in the Mega Value Family Plan or Tween offer?

 The child is also eligible for a free handset (Samsung A03) when the parent adds a Prime Junior plan to their account.


What cost are associated with this offer?

 It cost $50 per month to add the Prime Junior account.


How long will this offer be available?

This offer will run from November 18th to December 31st 2022.


What are the basic eligibility requirements?

1.       A person wanting to subscribe to a junior plan needs to be adding the new line to an existing Postpaid Prime account.

2.       The parent is required to be on a prime Postpaid plan, Prime M or higher.


What if I already have the Prime Junior plan, am I eligible?

-          You would not be eligible as the offer is for new Prime junior customers.


What if I am new to Digicel, am I eligible?

That is no problem! As long as the parent and the child signs up/activates the necessary plans, then they qualify for this offer.


What if I would like another device, am I still eligible?

The tween offer discount is not transferable to any other device apart from the one presented with the offer.


What if I downgrade my plan, am I eligible?

The offer is not eligible for downgrades, as it require a new signup.


How many lines can I add?

You can add up to four lines for the Prime Junior. Only two can benefit from the discount or free device.