Football Fantasy

Football Fantasy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Digicel’s “Football Fantasy” service?

Football Fantasy is a sport game where customers can create virtual teams based on most popular real life professional football leagues and win great prizes. Users select their preferred league then create a virtual team from the list of available players and coaches.

Points are accumulated based on the real life, weekly, performance of the players and coaches in the virtual team. Users can create multiple virtual teams to improve their performance and increase their chances to win.


2. Who is eligible to subscribe to the Football Fantasy?

All Digicel customers, including post-paid, prepaid, dual and hybrid customers are eligible to subscribe to this service on their data enabled device.


3. How do I subscribe for this service?

a. SMS: User can subscribe to the game texting the words “JOIN” to “7676” and they will receive an SMS with the site link for the “Football Fantasy” service (there is a NO charge applied for sending the SMS). Once link is selected, the user will be directed to the Football Fantasy WAP site.

b. WAP: Another option is get a subscription from the game's site using the web browser. If the user’s device is connected to the Digicel's network, their MSISDN will be detected automatically, then the user will be given the option to active the subscription. In case the MSISDN is not recognized, typically when the user is navigating through a Wi-Fi connection, they will have to enter the mobile number in order to receive a PIN code.

c. WEB: When the user is navigating through a Wi-Fi connection the MSISDN is not recognized, users will have to enter the mobile number in the Football Fantasy's site in order to receive a PIN code via SMS message which must be inserted in the site to gain access to the game.

Subscription Keyword


 Short Code


 7 Day Subscription



4. How does the “Football Fantasy” service work? 

Football Fantasy is an HTML5 web portal fully adapted for mobile phones, but it can be used through desktop workstations as well, all Digicel Customers are eligible to subscribe for this service on their data compatible device. Upon visiting the Football Fantasy portal, the handset and phone number being used will be detected and the game displayed.


5. What are the available subscriptions? 

Available subscription below:

Available Subscription



 7 Day Subscription

 KYD 2.30

6. What message do I receive when I subscribe for the service?

Upon successfully subscribing you will receive a message similar to the following, 

“Thanks for subscribing to Football Fantasy. You have been charged KYD2.30. To create unlimited teams, visit Subscriptions are auto-renewed weekly. To unsubscribe send STOP or EXIT to 7676.” 


7. How do I unsubscribe from this service?

a. To unsubscribe, you may text EXIT or STOP to 7676. 

b. Subscriber can also unsubscribe via the unsubscribe option on the Football Fantasy portal.

i. Note: There is no charge to exit the service.


8. Will I be able to download content from the “Football Fantasy” without subscribing for the service?

The game is not downloadable and to participate the user need a subscription, it is a web browser game accessible through the next URL: