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Credit Advance Covid-19

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Stay Connected Be Safe

Yes, Coronavirus has us all on edge –and yes, cases are occurring in new countries each day.

But it’s important not to panic and to put it in perspective. It’s important to still stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues, while being safe at the same time. Here are simple tips on more ways you could top up and stay connected with everyone. #PreventionStartsWithYou

1.    How does this work?
Customers get to know of the various options to do Top Up.

2.    What are the options for Top Up?

  • Website. Go to the website to purchase credit online.
  • MyDigicel app. Go to ‘additional services’ on MyDigicel app in order to send or request credit OR top up or buy additional plans.
  • Diaspora. Friends & family overseas can send customers credit.

3.     How can I download the MyDigicel app?
Visit Play Store or App Store to download the MyDigicel app. Once customers have successfully installed and registered their MyDigicel app accounts, they could top up or buy additional plans.

Note: customers can also access My Digicel App via link

4.    Who can I go to for more information?
Please see the marketing staff or email them on: or call 123.

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Credit Advance Covid-19