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Combo Plan

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30 Day Combo Plan

Digicel Tonga offers more value to its loyal customers by introducing its new 30-Day Combo Plan for 2500mins and 2500sms, which allows customers to conveniently buy a combo plan with both Voice and SMS that last for up to a month. The combined Voice and SMS plan is available for purchase on both *123# and My Digicel App.

1.    What is the new offer?
You can opt in to this plan to receive 2500mins and 2500sms valid for 30 days.

*Note – Once the 30 days are over, there is no rollover of the remaining minutes and sms.

2.    How much is it to buy this plan?
$12.00 TOP

3.    Who is eligible for this offer?
Prepaid subscribers only.

4. How can I buy this on *123#?
Please refer to instructions below:

  • Dial *123# press SEND 
  • Reply 5 for ‘Voice & SMS Plan’ 
  • Reply 3 for ‘$12- 2500Mins/SMS’
  • Buy the plan either as ‘Buy with auto-renew’ or simply ‘Buy’

5.    How can I buy this on the MyDigicel app?
Please refer to instructions below:

  • Select ‘Plans’ then ‘Available Plans’
  • Select ‘Voice & SMS Plans’ 
  • Select ‘Activate Plan’ on the $12 TOP $12-2500Mins/SMS-30days
  • Confirm Plan to buy

6.    What does it mean to “Buy with auto-renew”?
It means your plan will be automatically renewed after 30 days without you having to renew it manually again. But ensure that you have enough credit before the auto-renew.

You will also receive the following trigger message:

You have received 2500Mins/SMS valid for 30days! $12 has been deducted. Bundles will be

auto-renew after 30days. To opt out dial *123# or select opt out on MDA.

7.    How will I know that I’ve been successful in buying this plan?
You will the following trigger message:

Congratulations! You have now received 2500Mins & SMS valid for 30days! $12 has been

deducted from your credit.

8.    Who will I go to for more information?
Please see the marketing staff or email

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Combo Plan