SportsMax FAQs

SportsMax FAQs


Does it cost anything to use SportsMax?

• SportsMax Basic, which only provides access to the SportsMax+ channel, news articles and VOD highlights, is free for all users. However, Wi-Fi/Data connection is required to access SportsMax.


Which devices are compatible to use the SportsMax App?

• The SportsMax App is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with operating system iOS 10 & and above and Android 5 and above.


What benefits do I get with the new SportsMax App?

• Live streaming of a variety of sporting events including cricket, football, basketball, tennis and much more.

• News and articles of all sports, teams and athletes.

• Video on Demand sporting highlights and interviews.

• Exclusive EPL coverage via the Rush and Rush2 channels.

• Set Reminders for upcoming events/matches to receive a notification.

• App personalization with themes and following favourite leagues and teams.


What are the SportsMax Basic access features?

• The SportsMax Basic package provides free news, articles and videos from local & international sports, and free live streaming of SportsMax+ channel only.


What are SportsMax Premium access features?

• The SportsMax Premium package includes all Basic features above with additional linear TV channels including:


- SMAX 2

- SMAX Cricket


- Champions League TV

- Rush

- Rush2


What is the Reminder feature?

• Reminders is a feature that sends a push notification to your phone when the scheduled match or show is about to start.


How do I personalize my user preferences in the SportsMax App?

•  You can personalize at any time when you open the app. In the “Account” section, you can manage your teams and leagues that you would like to follow and even select a theme/colour scheme from a list of your favourite sporting teams. In case you skip or want to do a change in your selection you can go to “Account” at the top right of the home page of the app and you can select, “Manage your favourites and the contents you follow” or “Choose your theme” and add or do changes.


Will I be able to use my existing SportsMax allotment from my Prime Bundle to access live content?

• Yes. The new SportsMax App is part of your existing bundle. You will receive a specific GB allotment of designated data that you can use to avoid consuming your regular account data or WiFi.


How do I download content from the SportsMax Olympic Games App?

• Currently, content cannot be downloaded from the App. However, you can use the “Reminder” to inform you when specific event will happen and if you missed it, you can check out the highlights and post-match interviews in the “Videos” section of the app.


Can I create multiple profiles on my SportsMax App account?

• No. Only one (1) profile is allowed per account due the personalization within the App.


I am unable to log in with my Password.

• If your phone number and e-mail address are correct, but you cannot access the app with your password, select the “Forget password” option to have it reset.


If I have an issue or need further clarity, how do I access support?

• Here’s how you can get additional support:


Step 1. Select the “Account” option to the top right of the screen. 


Step 2. Within the “HELP” section, select “Contact Us” 


• In the "What can we help with" field, select the appropriate category – (Technical support, In-App purchase, Digicel Customer support or Other)

• Enter your details in the fields provided and then select “Submit”. Your query will be sent to our support team, who will be in touch via email.

• Alternatively, you can select “Customer Support” to visit our Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions.